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Hardly any machine manufacturer manufactures its own spindle liners. As a rule, they are purchased and then re-sold at considerable markups.

There are hardly any savings to be made in producing single liners of your own. After all, the time, work and material outlay on design, one-off manufacturing and acquisition costs of the basic materials needed make it hardly economically worthwhile.

redu tools buys all the basic materials needed in bulk. Most of the spindle liner components are batch-produced. All processes are tuned to spindle liner production. We pass on the resulting cost benefits to our customers.


Machine manufacturers place a premium value on the quality of their machines. However, accessories such as spindle liners are often considered to be “B products”.

In contrast, redu tools specialises in the design and manufacture of spindle liners. A 30-year+ track record in design and production has enabled us to amass considerable expertise. That is why we know exactly what it is all about in matters of liners.

We also continually work on revised technical solutions in detail. As a result, you can count on redu tools supplying maximum quality and dependable solutions.

Delivery time and efficiency

When speed’s the thing, then turn to redu tools! As machine manufacturers usually buy in liners, this – and the logistics required – means you will have to put up with lengthy delivery times.

In-house production is often bound up with the required materials not being readily available. Here, designing must often be undertaken and the basic material both acquired and processed before the finished spindle liner tube is available.

Thanks to storage of all the required basic materials as well as finished and semi-finished components, redu tools guarantees a short delivery time (normally shipped within two days) for practically all liner types. Just contact us about this!

As a rule, machine manufacturers only have standard liners in their delivery programme.

In-house production usually involves manufacturing a very simple liner.

redu tools manufactures liners for practically all machines of practically every manufacturer. Our supply offer ranges from …

  • Standard liners with internal diameters in 1mm steps
  • Clear widths with in-between dimensions (e.g. Ø 40.5 mm) for exceptionally smooth running
  • Extended variants (on both the feed and actuator sides)
  • Liners with integrated clamping or separate clamp collar
  • Spindle tube liners with plastic bushings and spacer rings for extremely close guiding or for potentially damageable surface bars
  • Multi-sectioned liners where not enough space is available for installation and dismantling
  • Corrosion-protected spindle liners (e.g. from passivating).


Whilst machine manufacturers grant the statutory guarantee, no guarantee can be claimed for in-house production.

In contrast, redu tools puts a 10-year guarantee on its standard-products.


As liners are treated as bought-in accessories, machine manufacturers do not usually provide any support for them. This also applies to in-house production of liners.

redu tools replies, as a matter of course, to any question you may have on spindle liner tubes and assists you in choosing the right liner. We design any custom order free of charge. Just contact us about this!